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We know the statement "We love making your digital marketing the best it has ever been" is a bold statement, but it is one that we are happy to put to our name.

There are a million digital marketing companies out there that promise you the world and probably don't deliver whilst charging you a small fortune for the pleasure.  This is where we are very different.

Powerful Digital Marketing is a company made up of marketing professionals, who have worked in various industries for many years and who have all had experience in dealing with digital marketing companies themselves.

We have experienced that feeling of it sounding great but not actually being sure of what we got for our money and signing contracts that made our eyes water for something that we didn't really understand the benefits of.  Sound familiar?

We offer marketing solutions for things that should be part of every businesses digital plans, things that are often overlooked by companies that can in fact make some of the biggest differences to their online success.

At Powerful Digital Marketing we don't make you sign long term contracts like the rest.  We don't tie you in for Years on end on the basis of promises that are quite frankly just as likely to be seen as finding gold at the end of a rainbow.  Nor do we create marketing plans that end up dropping down your priority list because the benefits of them are lost in the hectic life of running your business.

We offer powerful marketing services that can be purchased ad-hoc when they are needed or bundled together to make a bigger plan, all without any long term contractual or financial commitments.  Not only that, we offer a free consultation on any plan before you buy it and once you decide to purchase one if you change your mind before any work commences we will give you all of your hard earned money back with no quibbles.

Sounds refreshing right?  If you want to know more check out our services page and drop us a message if you need to know more before buying anything.

Our happiness level is graded against the happiness of our customers and we hate being sad so rest assured we will deliver for you every step of the way.
Soccer Match Victory

Web3 Coding

Our team is highly qualified in contract integration, website design modules and NFTs. We can help you create a unique web3 presence to sell your story.

Word Content For Marketing

Content Strategy

Get amazing SEO and keyword Infused content for your website, Blog, Emails, Social Media  & more that drives quality traffic to your business and engages your customers to create more sales.

Online Shopping

Product Descriptions

Amazing SEO infused product descriptions of 100+ Words each filled with keywords, titles, hashtags and in a tone of voice of your choice which is guaranteed to send more customers your way and keep them on your site for longer.

Notebook and Pen

Short Story Writing
If you are looking for a short and creative story with structure and wording that will engage your readers check out our short story writing plans.  Our short stories can be created around your keywords and theme, including preferred tone of voice, and are perfect for your own professional work or for unique gifts for friends and family.

Digital Animator

NFT Content Marketing

We love NFT's and digital art.  If you are a project owner who is looking to write creative and engaging content to get people into your plans, social media or discord let us show you how we can help.  Our deep understanding of the world of NFTs and digital marketing can take on your plans for written content across all of your marketing to help your project succeed.