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Delivering Powerful Digital Marketing Plans For Start Ups and Small or Large Business in All Industries.

Competitor Analysis

Imagine having visibility on how your competitors win at digital marketing so you can take a share of that business for yourself.  Imagine how amazing it would be to have deep understanding of where the best digital opportunities are for your business and what levels of traffic and orders you should expect from each area of digital marketing so you can put the most time into the ones that count and stop wasting time on marketing that will never make enough difference to your sales

At Powerful Digital Marketing we can make this happen with ease.

We offer a full competitor analysis of as many of your competition as you wish and in any industry too.  A full report is provided showcasing where the business is generated and what level of business comes from each area of digital marketing campaigns including paid marketing, search marketing, social, affiliate and more.  The analysis will also provide you with a list of routes to market you never even knew existed where your competitors are already winning.

You will also receive a detailed overview of winning keywords you can use to market your business online and also what affiliates are providing the most leads.  A review of the best performing media and advert buying channels will also be provided so you can match or beat your main competitors.

The value of understanding how your market generates levels of interest is invaluable to your business.

All of this information can transform your digital marketing and ensure that you are putting all of your efforts into the right areas and also open up new opportunities you may not have known existed.

Overview of Inclusions in this Service

-  Deep Competitor Analysis

-  Keyword Optimisation & Review

-  Affiliate Optimisation & Review

-  Ad & Media Buying Review

-  Much more


SEO Infused Content

Our SEO infused content is guaranteed to drive large volumes of relevant traffic to your business wether its direct to your website through blog posts, social media or emails to your database.

We can create the best SEO content around filled with relevant key terms and phrases as per your instructions.

Our SEO infused content will include the correct amount of titles, paragraphs, keywords, phrases and terms needed to make it the most powerful content piece.

We can create SEO content of any size from small to the point 250 word pieces or 3000 word detailed content pieces talking about any topic you wish.

This deep SEO content can be created for any product, service or industry and any country that you trade in.

The content is unique and will engage potential buyers who visit your site to stay on the site for longer.

Having such incredible SEO content can help to transform the levels of visitors to your online business.  In addition to this it can also lower your advertising costs on paid for advertising because you will now receive naturally created free traffic with relevance instead in its place.

Overview of Inclusions in this Service

-  A deep SEO Infused Content Piece
-  SEO structured content piece with    correct level of titles, paragraphs      etc

-  Keyword Inclusion

-  Relevant Tag Inclusions

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions need to be unique and rich in a content that catches your customers imagination and attention. Whilst a customer is looking for a product or service to buy online you need to attract them to press that buy button.

Our amazing product description writing will help you and these can be created in a tone of voice of your choice which will make your customers purchase more of your products than ever before.

You will receive amazing SEO infused product descriptions each with 100+ words and with keyword inclusions of your choice.  Bullet points will be shown on each product to showcase the main features and selling points of each product.  Clear titles will show clearly what the product is whilst a tone of voice of your choice (we can write in many styles) will match your brand and keep customers engaged in your product for longer.

We have learned the art of writing in various different tones of voice and can incorporate any of these, including Professional, Sarcastic, Funny, Feminine, Masculine, casual and even an angry tone into your descriptions.

Unique and enjoyable content on your website is the key to increasing search levels on your site and the time that customers spend on your website. Content should be refreshed regularly, approximately twice a Year.

Overview of Inclusions In this Service

-  Product Descriptions with 100+Words

-  SEO Infused Content with Keywords

-  Bullet Points to Showcase Key Features

-  Clear Title to Highlight Product Info

-  A Tone of Voice to Match Your Website

-  High Quality Content to Enhance Your   Enquiries & Sales

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